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C2C Business Collaborative Global Business Partners


The recent collapse of industries has made it very clear that digital transformation is no longer an option – it’s a mandate.  


C2C fashion and Technology Global Ecosystem is the ultimate solution for managing all business processes efficiently in the new digital world. Our ecosystem will be the key driver for growth in the new global fashion and technology marketplace.


C2C digital technologies will offers a systemic ecosystem approach to production and consumption that will dramatically transform the fashion industry through a unique integration of digital interactive technology from the factory to the consumer.



We are all evolving into a new era of business that is no longer a siloed relationship. The success of the future of C2C will be a group of collaborative partners that combine and share resources, such as finances, knowledge, and people for a common goal in C2C global digital ecosystem.


The relationships between C2C collaborative partners will lead to relationships that rely on one another for their expertise in multiple areas. This collaborative partnership is based on voluntarism, joint resource commitment and shared responsibility of all actors for the whole project and to serve partner combined goals.



C2C Collaborative partners' shared beliefs provide a value-based rationale for collaborative action and benefit of the group as a whole to be sustainable.


C2C Collaborative partnership will create a SAAS ecosystem of trust to generate higher levels of productivity and revenue and give the partner a leading edge over any competition.


 Samuel Alexander December 2020

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